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Our School's library uses the Follett Destiny program. If you are looking to see if our library carries a certain book, this program can help.  Check out our library's inventory and selection of fiction and non-fiction books.
To access Destiny please click on the icon:
Sora is an award-winning digital reading app that empowers K-12 students to discover age-appropriate ebooks and audiobooks. This year, Sora provides students and educators with a free collection of books and access to the public library.
  • To access Sora please click on the icon:
  • All titles will be displayed on Sora in a special Sweet Reads curation on your Explore tab – with the option to weed out the collection as needed.
Download the marketing materials we’ve put together to help you get students and parents excited. These include bookmarks, a flyer, graphics and a reading challenge! Just click on the Sweets Icon below.